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10 Reasons Black People Should Lead the Environmental Movement

  1. We are the original human caretakers of the planet, and our ancestral instincts are needed now.

  2. We have a low carbon footprint, and create the least pollution relative to our population, and should be recognized and rewarded for being less environmentally toxic.

  3. We have the enthusiasm to make environmentalism popular, as we have with other social change movements.

  4. We are less invested in the status quo than non black people(aside from indigenous people), thus open to creating the changes we need.

  5. Black people need jobs, and new jobs need to be created that focus on ecology. It's a perfect fit.

  6. Black and Indigenous people should be listened to intently regarding the most critical issues facing humanity, ie. climate change. This mess could have been avoided had that happened from the start

  7. In order to reconnect with the land, we, black people, need to get directly involved with the political issues environmental work encompasses.

  8. The future is black (and green), but we are often written out of the future by the dominant culture. We need to be creating the future we want to live in,

  9. We have been subjected to being led by others for too long. Our turn.

  10. We are often relegated to only dealing with issues surrounding our own oppression and are shut out of more global concerns. Time for that to end.


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