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Black to the Land

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Elk, Ca. where I grew up and my source of inspiration

I am a black radical, semi nomadic, country bumpkin at heart. Born in New York City, and raised in the Redwoods, with a brief stop in Oakland in between. Being lucky enough to really experience nature growing up, has shaped my outlook 100%. Wandering in the woods, hiking up beautiful streams, eating abalone harvested that morning from the cold Pacific Ocean, my childhood was a throwback to a more natural reality. I will forever treasure the beauty of nature, and my mission in life is to fight for her, and for my people, all people, to experience, enjoy, and respect her. We are the land, the land is us. With human created ecocide looming, my sense of urgency to spread the good word is strong.

Black to the Land seeks to reestablish that ancient bond between black people and all that is land loving and healing. The world needs this to happen. We are the original caretakers, and the people who have been most cut off from our true selves and our birthright in this cold-hearted machine of a system that seeks to destroy all that is beautiful. From nature walks, trash clean ups and watershed restoration, to regenerative farming and landscaping, to obtaining ownership of land for stewardship, Black to the Land will seek to right the wrongs, big and small, and restore the balance. Justice and reparations must always be at the heart of our work. We recognize that we are on stolen land, and seek to partner with our indigenous family to walk the red road together for the betterment of all on Planet Earth.


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